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Vehicle Sponsorship HOW DO I JOIN THE 3D STREET TEAM?

updated 11/29/2021

We want to thank everyone for their interest in joining our 3D Street Team. Please fill out the form and we will evaluate whether we would like you to join the 3D Street Team

What is the 3D Street Team?

The 3D Street Team is a group of dedicated Car enthusiasts that want to add style and protection to their vehicles. Using their own social media channels, they promote our products by demonstrating how easy it is to protect one’s vehicle, travel in style, and how amazing our products are. 

What does it take to join the 3D Street Team?

3D Street Team Members grow our brand message by showing the products through events and social media. They attend shows that THEY are interested in and showcase our products where THEY want to because they love and believe in our products. 

  • Active on social media - Non-private Instagram account with at least 10K followers
  • Has our products installed on their vehicle.
  • Actively attends car shows - show evidence of past events attended (photos)
  • Submit vehicle description with list of modifications.
  • Submit at least 3 clear photos of your vehicle.
  • Must be comfortable with placing 3D MAXpider decals on your vehicle.
  • Submit brief description about yourself.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a 3D Street Team member?
    • How do you plan on promoting our brand?
Please prepare the information containing all the above requirements and submit it for review. If your application is missing any of the requirements then your application will be automatically rejected.

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