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3-Layer Structure Design

Protect Your Vehicle Floor Mat With Innovative Three-Layer Construction

  • Grooved for maximum containment

    Carbon fiber textured design enhances the style and elegance of your vehicle. Functional Trenches designed to hold the maximum amount of dirt/debris/spills in your floor mat

  • Comfort

    Semi-hard XPE Foam inner layer minimizes foot fatigue by providing you with a layer that dampens sound for a quieter, smoother ride.

  • Anti-Skid

    Our patented anti-skid MAXpider bottom layer keeps the mat in place without tearing up your carpet or leaving any marks or nibs.

Our R&D Advantage

Our Team designs unique floor mats based on data from laser measuring. We create prototypes from our molds to ensure proper fitment.

Raised Edge Design

Raised Edge Design

Elevated edge design efficiently contain mess and spills.

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